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Återanvändbara elektroder

Nedan ser du en tabell över återanvändbara elektroder från BIOPAC. Välkommen att kontakta oss för mer information! 

Läs gärna vår PDF med tips att tänka på vid rengöring av återanvändbara elektroder.

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EL254 (Ag-AgCl

4 mm TP electrode, unshield.)

EL254S (Ag-AgCl 4mm TP elect., shield.)

EL258 (Ag-AgCl 8mm TP elect., unshield)

EL258S (Ag-AgCl 8mm TP elect., shield)

S= Shielded

Silver-silver chloride (Ag-AgCl) electrodes provide accurate and clear transmission of surface biopotentials. EL250 series reusable lead electrodes are suitable for most applications (ECG, EEG, EGG, EMG, EOG, and ERS recordings.)

Use EL258 (8 mm recording diameter) for most applications.

Use EL254 (4 mm recording diameter) when closely spaced biopotentials are required.

EL250 series reusable electrodes are permanently connected to robust and pliable leadwires (1 mm OD). The leadwires terminate in standard Touchproof connectors. Unshielded electrodes terminate in a single Touchproof connector. Shielded electrodes terminate in two Touchproof connectors, one connects to the Ag-AgCl disk and the other connects to the leadwire shield.

The EL254 is unshielded and the EL254S is shielded.

For best signal performance use shielded electrodes (EL254S or EL258S) as recording electrodes and unshielded electrodes (EL254 or EL258) as ground or reference electrodes. Generally, for each Biopotential amplifier module, two EL254S or EL258S and one EL254 or EL258 are required.

Use reusable electrodes with GEL103 conductive adhesive gel or see Electrode Acessories for adhesive collars and other gels.


Ag-AgCl post electrode, reuse. The EL120 electrode has contact posts designed to improve contact through fur or hair. The 12 posts create a 10 mm contact area. The posts are 2 mm deep to push through the fur/hair to provide good contact with the skin surface.

Silver-silver chloride (Ag-AgCl) electrodes provide accurate and clear transmission of surface biopotentials and are useful for recording all surface biopotentials on animals and human EEG.

Shipped in packs of 10. Notes: Requires one LEAD120 per electrode.


Ag-AgCl+hole 8mm TP electrode. EL258H — features a 2 mm gel injection hole, useful for EEG monitoring; use as both recording and reference electrodes.


EL254RT (Ag-AgCl+RT 4 mm TP.)

EL258RT (Ag-AgCl+RT 8 mm TP.)

EL254RT or EL258RT -  features carbon fiber leadwire for MRI, x-ray, or radiotranslucent requirements (as defined by BIOPAC); use as both recording and reference electrodes.



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