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Nedan ser du en tabell över elektrodkablar från BIOPAC. Välkommen att kontakta oss för mer information!




LEAD110 (Clip Lead BLK 1 m TP u/sh.)

LEAD110A (Clip Lead BLK 3 m TP u/sh.)

LEAD110S-R (Clip Lead RED 1 m TP Shielded.)

LEAD110S-W (Clip Lead WHITE 1 m TP Shielded.)

These electrode leads are used with the EL500 series disposable snap electrodes. The LEAD110 series electrode leads have no ferrous parts. The leads (1.9 mm diameter) include a pinch connector for easy application and terminate in standard Touchproof connectors for interfacing to 100C-series Biopotential amplifiers or Modular Extension Cables.

Use shielded leads with recording electrodes for minimal noise interference. The unshielded leads work best with ground or reference electrodes.

Generally, for each Biopotential amplifier module, one each of: LEAD110S-W, LEAD110S-R and LEAD110 are required.




EL120 lead (R=RED/or W=WHITE) 1m TP unshlded. This 1-meter red/or white lead with Touchproof connector works with the reusable EL120 electrode. Snap the electrode into place and then plug the lead in with the Touchproof connector.


NICO100C/EBI100C Lead. LEAD130 is an electrode lead assembly for use with the EBI100C Electrical Bioimpedance Module or the NICO100C Noninvasive Cardiac Output Module. The 2 m shielded lead assembly terminates with an adapter that plugs into the front of the amplifier module and includes four 1 m leads (total lead length is 3 m):

White = I+              Green = Vin-

Black = I- (GND)   Red = Vin+


If using multiple biopotential modules, do not connect the ground (GND) for the other modules—establish one ground per subject.

If using a GSR100C Electrodermal Response Amplifier with the EBI100C or the NICO100C, please note that the black I-(GND) connection will shunt current from the GSR100C excitation source. Accordingly, GSR100C measurement values will be shifted somewhat higher in absolute conductance, and should be used for relative measures only.

See the new EL506 Bioimpedance Strip electrode, or other disposable electrodes in the EL500 Series.


Lead alligator TP 1 m. Use this fully-insulated, unshielded alligator clip with teeth to connect fine wire electrodes, including irregular surfaces. There is ferrous metal in the clip.


Lead Toothless TP 1m. Use this fully-insulated, unshielded alligator clip with smooth clamp to connect to fine wire electrodes without damage, including arbitrarily small electrode wires. There is ferrous metal in the clip.


Lead Test clip TP 1m. Use this unshielded retractable clip lead with copper contacts to connect to fine wire electrodes. There is non-ferrous copper alloy in the clip.



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