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Sleep deprivation and EEG chaos


AcqKnowledge 5 has a large library of analysis routines for many different interesting applications that BIOPAC has added over the years. Many users are not aware of all the features available. Maye you simply collect data and do not search in all menus? Or maybe you have an old version of the program that lacks some features? Instead of telling you about everything you can do, we have chosen an exciting example that we want to share with you:


Time series data from an EEG signal can appear unpredictably chaotic. One method of attempting to characterize such systems without exact models of underlying mechanisms is to try to recreate a mathematical phase space (in which unknown dynamic processes take place) from time series data only on the basis of measurement. These may have different optimal embedding dimensions depending on whether you also take into account the time derivatives of different arrangements of the signal. Researchers has been looking for correlations between this dimension from certain EEG positions and sleep deprivation. The result indicates that in a the awake state, brain processes are less complex when suffering from total sleep deprivation [1].


This technique can be used on all types of signals lacking underlying mathematical models, where you wish to characterize different types of complex or chaotic dynamic states. Applications are also available for ECG.







BIOPAC has implemented chaos features that you find in the Analysis menu of AcqKnowledge 5.









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(1) Effect of total sleep deprivation on the dimensional complexity of the waking EEG
(2) Attractor
(3) Chapter 17, Specialized Analysis - Chaos Analysis, AcqKnowledge Software Guide







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