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Most university educations in biology, pharmacology, fysiology and psychology contains mandatory lab classes. This means that the students gets to make real measurements on humans, animals or even tissue, and learn howto interpret the acquired signals in terms of physiological responses. Often the experiments are classical experiments but even so the laborations needs to be prepared with step by step instructions adapted for the measurement equipment used, templates for the reports etc.



Pedagogical laborations requires thorough preparations, which takes alot of time from the lab instructor.


Biopac Student Lab is an ideal solution optimized for this purpose. Laborations are self instructing within the software and and comes with written background material on the theoretical scientific topics as well step by step lab instructions. But it is of course still possible to use the same system to make custom measurements without any templates.







Do you have lab courses with physiological measurements

on humans, animals or tissue?


We are pleased to offer you an unconditional needs analysis for

both small student group setups as well as entire class setups.


Please contact or call +46-18-342820 with a short description

of your lab requirements, and we will take the discussion from there!




A few things you should know about Biopac Student Lab (BSL):

  • Ranked the #1 choice by HAPS (Human Anatomy & Physiology Society) members »
  • Lesson templates can be adapted by the teacher
  • Beyond the software installed in the lab, there is a free student version of the software called BSL Analysis. In this software ALL the preparation material for the laborations are accessible.
  • If a student misses a lab, it is possible to use sampledata from the library in order to still perform the analysis steps from home using the student version of the software.
  • During the analysis you can make notes in the graphs, as well as notes in the journal, which is saved digitally together with the students data. In fact you can write the entire labreport in the digital journal for later printing.
  • With the system is also included an answers guide for the teacher. This guide is not accessible for the students.

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Don't hesitate to contact us at with a short description

of your situation and we are happy to give you tailored advice!


We also have research systems with more features.





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