More on Electrodermal Activity Part 2 - Analysis

Technical Webinarium, Thursday, May 19



5:00 PM - 6:00 PM  CEST


Some time ago we highlighted several aspects of one most sensitive and widely used measures of sympathetic activity.

The reason for this focus is that we get many similar good questions on these same topics from many researchers and although it's a simple parameter to measure, it's a little more complex to understand all the details required for mathematical scoring, interpretation and ideal subject preparation. 






BIOPAC will be hosting the second free webinarium and now is another great chance to learn more about how to excel in scoring/analysing Electrodermal Activity Data.



Webinarium: How to get Great EDA (Electrodermal Activity) Data - Part 2: Analysis

Time: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CEST, Thursday May 19 2016


What you will learn: How to Analyze Great EDA Data


- Manual EDA artifact removal

- Automated EDA artifact recognition and removal

- Using scripts and batchprocessing

- Additional analysis techniques

- In additional, unanswered questions we received during registration for the first webinarium will be addressed


Presentor: Alex Dimov, expert from BIOPAC Systems Inc.
Language: English

Duration: 1 hour


This is both for researchers currently doing EDA measurements that wishes to learn more in either practical tips or scoring methods, and also for researchers that are just about to start doing measurements.



When you go to the registration page you will find the correct starting time for your specific time zone.


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The full recording, PowerPoint slides, and Q&A for the EDA Webinarium (Part 1) are now available online. You find it here »





Please contact if you have any thoughts around this or any other physiological measurements. We at JoR AB are always ready to learn about your specific applications and work to provide you with tailored advice both on what you need in terms of equipment and a guide through typical analysis methods for your type of applications.


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