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Physiological Research Systems at the S.E.E. Scandinavian Electronics Event



The BioNomadix logger is ideal when, instead of measuring reactions in an experimental lab, you want to allow the subject to have the measurement system during the day. Here you have the opportunity to measure the actual physiological responses in different real situations. The logger measures psychophysiological stress, occupational movements, skin conductance, ECG, breathing and more. The device has a built-in 3D accelerometer.


The logger is small, battery powered and button-controlled. It retrieves wireless information from small BioNomadix transmitters, and then stores data in built-in memory. The logger can handle up to 6 channels of optional signals (ECG, EMG, EDA, EEG, etc.) + 3 acceleration channels. The logger can measure for up to 24 hours, and the measurement is started and stopped easily by buttons. No computer is required to start the measurement. You can easily put the logger in your pocket, or have it in a smoothly fitted belt bag. The BioNomadix transmitter itself wears and attaches through velcro strap. No cables needed between the transmitter and the logger!

  • BioNomadix-logger with 3D-accelerometer
  • Easy Start & Stop with a button
  • Measures stress, movements, HRV, skinconductance, respiration etc

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Watch this 8 minute video to get a quick and right to the point overview of how the workflow in fNIRSOFT Professional Edition looks like when analysing data from an authentic n-Back working memory test! Click on the picture to the right for viewing the video.




Being able to measure activity in different parts of the brain is important for all research involving cognitive processes. There are several methods for measuring the activity. EEG and MEG measure the projection of the electrical and magnetic fields of the nerve cells on and around the head. fMRI and fNIR measure the indirect activity of the nerve cells by measuring the hemodynamic activity in different parts of the brain.


fNIR is a powerful spectroscopic method near the infrared area for laboratory-based cognitive tests. Technique measures the light absorption of blood hemoglobin that varies with oxygenation, which in turn provides information about brain activity similar to functional MRI, while it has great advantages over MRI and is a safe, cost effective and noninvasive method for evaluating cognitive function. The method is to measure relative levels of hemoglobin, calculated through a modified version of beer-lambert's light absorption layer.


Our fNIR system provides the researcher with real-time monitoring of the oxygenation of the brain tissue while the subject carries out tasks or stimulates stimulation. This offers a quantitative examination of brain functions (such as attention, memory, planning and problem solving) while individuals perform cognitive tasks.


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